Education is the bedrock of any society in the world, education can either be formal or informal; informal education is the type of education that is given to a child outside the four walls of the school, they are majorly taught at home, where the child learns the values of the family for that child to be relevant in the society, and those values include integrity, honesty, contentment, respect, dignity, etc; informal education cuts across all culture of the world, where ethics and morals are paramount and of high significance.

The formal type of education, however, is the type of education given to a child in a school environment, where the child is taught a different combination of subjects ranging from science to art; this broadens the knowledge and improves the mental capacity of the child.

Education creates equal opportunity, gives individuals financial stability, and more job opportunities, reduces poverty, increases productivity, and helps to discover, manage and reach the required potential and ability of an individual.

Some people discover theirs through critical skills, and skill acquisition programs, where numerous options are available to select from. Skill acquisition makes them self-reliant, and also makes them become entrepreneurs in the future.

Education reduces all forms of criminal activities in society, and it also empowers the citizens of any nation in the world because it is part of the tool used for the measurement of the growth of a country. Education should be encouraged by any society in the world for growth and development.

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