August 18, 2022

40 Ways to Connect with Your Daughter


To find new ways to connect, think about what brings your child joy, and then see how you can be a bigger part of it.

  1. Have a tea party.
  2. Play dress-up.
  3. Download a free eBook and read it together.
  4. Decorate cupcakes
  5. Do your hair.
  6. Go window shopping.
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Give each other a makeover.
  9. Text her a verse every morning.
  10. Take an art class.
  11. Draw a picture of the same thing.
  12. Look on Pinterest together.
  13. Paint each other’s nails.
  14. Pick flowers and press them.
  15. Browse flash sale sites online. Paint her room, or a wall in her room.
  16. Go on a walk.
  17. Decorate a small notebook and start a daily journal.
  18. Give her a pedicure.
  19. Share Pillow Talk with her each night.
  20. Bake a cake, and Ask these questions about her dreams.
  21. Play Scrabble, Scattegories, or Yahtzee.
  22. Read stories about heroines in the Bible.
  23. Sing at the top of your lungs to the radio.
  24. Buy her a small gift.
  25. Make cards for family and friends
  26. Make paper bag puppets.
  27. Have a dance party. Write her a note telling her how much you love her.
  28. Have a fashion show.
  29. Make a macaroni necklace.
  30. Draw silly pictures.
  31. Look at photo albums.
  32. Bake bread.
  33. Plan a family vacation—even if you’re not sure you’ll ever be able to actually go.
  34. Go garage sale-ing.
  35. Have a dance contest.
  36. Go to a museum.
  37. Make muffins.
  38. Have a tea party for her stuffed animals.
  39. Make a book using pictures from magazines.
  40. Read poetry.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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