August 11, 2022

42 Ways to Connect with Your Son

Parent Son

I’ll never forget the image. My elder sibling’s son was around four years old and they were at her daughter’s softball game. He’s a typical boy and had been playing in the dirt for most of the game. As they were leaving, he took her daughter’s glove and threw on her hat. Then he turned to her and said, “Throw me the ball, Mom!” There he was, covered in dirt, ripped jeans, hat turned sideways with an oversized glove waiting with anticipation for my elder sibling to throw him the ball. An older man passing by said he looked like an artistic painting.

Being the mother of a boy child is wonderful. All you have to do to bond with your son is do stuff together that they love. Yes, that might mean getting dirty, but it is well worth it. Are you looking for ways to connect with your son? Here are 42 ideas to make the connection with your son.

1. Work on a project together.

  1. Play catch.
  2. Have a picnic.
  3. Watch a game on TV.
  4. Make your own banana splits with toppings and sprinkles.
  5. Play a game.
  6. Download a new iPad app and play it together.
  7. Go listen to live music.
  8. Give him a backrub.
  9. Write letters to soldiers.
  10. Shoot hoops, and go camping.
  11. Grill dinner.
  12. Make homemade bubbles.
  13. Write him a note telling him how proud you are of him.
  14. Read stories about heroes in the Bible.
  15. Go on a bike ride.
  16. Build something: bookshelf, a giant tower of gumdrops.
  17. Read the comics.
  18. Play mini golf in the backyard.
  19. Make a fort.
  20. Create an iSpy mission together.
  21. Go on a long drive.
  22. Make popcorn and watch a movie of his choosing.
  23. Go bowling.
  24. Put together Legos or Trio blocks.
  25. Toss a balloon back and forth and see how long you can keep it in the air.
  26. Make a video of him performing an awesome stunt.
  27. Go on a nature walk
  28. Create a secret family code.
  29. Have a coloring contest.
  30. Learn a magic trick.
  31. Make it a competition: fastest heel-walker, slowest dancer.
  32. Start a collection.
  33. Look through cookbooks and ask him what recipes look good.
  34. Learn to play the guitar.
  35. Play speed stacking with plastic cups.
  36. Challenge him to solve a mystery (like what happened to the chocolate chip cookies you put in the cookie jar just last night).
  37. Search for insects with a magnifying glass.
  38. Watch funny YouTube videos.
  39. Make slime with cornstarch and water.
  40. Build a city out of blocks.
  41. Work out together—go on on a run, lift weights.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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