Frustrated Teacher

Teacher morale is an important part of the school community. Teachers are unique, we are used to fending for ourselves, and pulling ourselves out of even the deepest of funks. This doesn’t mean we don’t like a little morale booster from time to time.

Most of these ideas can be used for an individual teacher in need of a little uplift, a team, or the whole school.

First, let me say there are a few rules I propose.

One: Teachers like a little bit of cheese, but not a lot.

Two: Keep it simple. There is no need to move mountains.

Three: Most teachers want to know you care.

  1. Bring Coworker Lunch
  2. Random Contests
  3. Clean A Common Place
  4. Notes of Appreciation
  5. Out of School Get Together
  6. Gift Exchange and Compliments
  7. Respect their Time.

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Adeyinka Meduoye

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