August 17, 2022

A glimpse at Parent Education

Parenting education can be seen as something negative and hostile. Like it is a consideration of your ability to parent. It is not just for parents who are struggling or having severe challenges and/or problems with their children’s behaviour—but an opportunity for parents to feel more confident as a parent, prevent future hard times and problems, enjoy being with their children and help their household get along.

For many, parenting is the most significant and demanding job to ever have and a role that gets little tribute. Parents and other primary caregivers of all types (foster parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, etc.) can all use an opportunity to learn tips and new strategies to relate with your children and appreciate being with them. It also allows a chance to engage with other parents that may be having identical problems and struggles.

Today, there are new parenting challenges to overcome. Abilities, routines and values were passed from era to era and parents could rely on behavioural support to enable them, parent.

Compared to past eras, many parents and households have become disconnected and are raising children in silos. These parents are trying to figure it out alone. The techniques a child needs in acting a certain way have changed as well.

Over the years, each era sees a difference in what society considers parenting issues. Nowadays, households struggle with behaviour and manner management issues including lack of intentions, child supervision and extremely severe and incompatible punishable behaviours for the few.

Somewhere in the pages of behavioural and health science, all parents—high income, low income, mandated and non–mandated—can benefit from evidence-based parenting education. Parents who have attended lessons and learned effective practice and parenting techniques report having children with higher grades, fewer behaviour problems, fewer substance abuse issues, better mental health and greater social competence.

Several parenting education programs offer support and education that can address issues and make parenting easier, more satisfying and can enhance a child’s ability to thrive. 

Facilitating Early Emotional Skills in your children is one of many parenting programs that offer research-based education that could enhance productivity. Many other reliable sources of information for parents are available to meet their needs. Resources are readily available online through YouTube videos, research-based websites, in person, podcasts, blogs and books that are readily accessible and educative without dragging in the mud.

Before you engage with a parenting resource, check the source of the information to be certain it is research-based and reputable.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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