ASEF Competition Kick-OFF

ASEF (Agricultural Student and Entrepreneur Fund) is designed a noble scheme under Prestige Education Nigeria which founding mandate is to develop and nurture students’ interest in Agriculture. It utilizes the ‘catch them young’ ideology with a view to inculcate art of farming and agricultural entrepreneurial practices.

You will agree with me that majority of youngsters in our contemporary days detest farming in general. However, they quickly forget that food insecurity is the attendant effect of such neglect. The Nigerian society is at a delicate state today because there are insufficient farmers serving our ever increasing population.

Before now, our resource persons allocated to our schools’ clubs (ASEF clubs) across Lagos have served as vanguards and promoters to this justifiable cause. More importantly, the ASEF club competition will be a preliminary sub-event which serves as precursor to the imminent big event (PRESTIGE NIGERIA EDUCATION FESTIVAL AWARDS, #PNEFA 4.0).

The competition begins 14th January, 2022 through to 18th February, 2022. This competition shall have both practical and quiz aspects with four (4) different stages of evaluation. Fifteen (15) marks for each stage. However, the final rounds will be written essay on “FOOD INSECURITY IN NIGERIA; THE WAY FORWARD” which will gulp forty (40) marks. The guidelines for participation will be communicated through the ASEF clubs which are currently over two hundred (200) in Lagos, Nigeria. For the purpose of emphasis, this competition is not limited to schools with existing ASEF clubs. We encourage new schools who wish to participate to register their interest as well embrace the establishment of ASEF clubs in their schools.

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