Bibliophobia, the fear of reading book

Bibliphobia is the fear of book or reading books. The root word is ‘billions or ‘biblio’, which is the Greek word for book. A phobia is an outrageous and uncontrollable fear of inanimate and animate objects, environment and circumstance.

A child with bibliophobia

A child with bibliophobia

Bibliophobia did not spring up without a cause, many times teachers have met with a child with bibliophobia, parents have seen fear in their children without knowing it’s bibliophobia.Those with learning disorder like dyslexia often suffer from this kind of phobia.

Causes of bibliophobia
The main causes of bibliophobia are most times the combination of genetic and environmental factors. Many children develop bibliophobia at an early stage. For instance, a child that is asked to read aloud in the classroom in the presence of his classmates, when he reads slowly and caught stuck while reading, the classmates make jest of him – this is an example of the environmental influence.

. It is normally caused by a past negative experience
. Fear of reading about evil or frightening topics such as death
. Embarrassing cases of reading aloud in the presence of people

Some don’t have experiences related to fear of book but superstition, pedantry, illiteracy has caused bibliophobia in them.

Signs of bibliophobia
. Anxiety when thinking of books
. Chest pain or tightened
. Fear of fear
. Increased anxiety when near or holding a book
. Trembling and sweating
. Book avoidance

Consequences of Bibliophobia
Mood Disorder
Social isolation
Problem with work, school, and relationships with others.

Someone with bibliophobia does not fear but rather fear the book contained with knowledge.

Treatment of bibliophobia
Exposure therapy, talking about the importance of the book, enlightening and gradual exposure to the reading of the book.

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