September 26, 2023

BlossomHill Schools celebrates her proprietress 50th birthday in style


It was a special day at BlossomHill schools as students teachers  parents and well wishers gathered just for one reason- to celebrate the founder and Proprietress of BlossomHill schools. The Proprietress,  Mrs. Laura Ashiedu, turned 50 and the staff and pupils threw a party in her honour to mark her golden jubilee.

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There was a lineup of activities and side attractions to spice up the day.

Presentation from the nursery class
Presentation from the nursery class

The event kicked off with prayer which was followed by Opening remarks by the chairman board of directors of the school Mr. Jimoh O. Abass.

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The school choir took the stage, singing beautiful renditions of birthday songs to the Proprietress. After which was followed by an awesome presentation from the nursery one class.

The school choir presentation

The nursery two pupils had a different and equally amazing idea, they decided to pray for Mrs. Laura Ashiedu, each pupil coming forward to make positive declarations concerning her, bringing her to her knees as they prayed.

Dance Presentation by the JSS class

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More prayers were offered by pupils in other grades while there were some unforgettably spectacular moments such as the Yoruba presentation, electrifying dances, song, speech and poems presentation.

The day took another dimension, when two students, read their speeches about the Proprietress describing her in glowing terms, with endearing words, a very emotional moment etched in the memories of all present.

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Speech presentation about the proprietress

This was followed by two SS2 students role playing and mimicking the Proprietress’ mannerism. A Final song and rap performance by Mr. Prosper, a youth corps member serving at BlossomHill schools, beautifully wrapped up the performances.

SS2 students role playing and mimicking the Proprietress’ mannerism
Yoruba Language presentation

The cutting of the beautiful cakes by the elegant and gorgeously looking celebrant was officiated by the Mc amidst great fanfare and applause.

It was indeed a special celebration as friends, parents, teachers, students and well wishers took turns in taking photographs with the celebrant. There was plenty to eat and drink and the guest had a fantastic time.

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It was clear that Mrs. Laura Ashiedu is dear to all present at the party and many had nice things to say about her lovely personality.

The chairman board of directors, Jimoh Abass, a lawyer by profession, said he’d known Mrs. Laura for 25years, he described her as a very nice, humble, beautiful,  hard working, focused, purposeful, tenacious woman with  a Midas touch.  Abass said Mrs. Ashiedu is the kind of person our society needs. “She has done very well for herself” A bass reiterated. One quality he admires most in her is her positive single mindedness.

David Ashiedu, the celebrant’s son described Mrs. Ashiedu as a fighter, not figuratively but one who would fight if her children are threatened, a fierce go getter he said. Asked about one attribute he admired most about his mum he replied “she is ambitious” recalling a particular time she talked about getting something  and between the time he left for school and came back, she had gotten it. David Ashiedu wished his mum happiness everyday of her life.

Mrs. Chidubem Fransisca, who described Mrs. Ashiedu as a mother, sister and mentor,  said  Mrs.  Ashiedu, whom she worked with for 12 years is always there to teach and direct, she would call you to order when you are wrong without letting others know, making you feel so loved.

Stella Obi, MD C.E.O Best Choice Cosmetics and Fragrance, an old school mate of the celebrant, said they go way back. She described Laura Ashiedu as gentle and humble. A very pretty lady who doesn’t allow it get to her head and very simple . She added that the celebrant had been through a lot and yet she’s standing strong.

Mr. Omotayo Gbenga, a parent told PNEB  that her demeanor potrays her as a humble and easygoing person, who treats people with respect regardless of who you are.

Feyisayo Olasode, the Admin manager described the celebrant as a very brilliant scholar, who he has great respect for and prays to attain and even surpass her level of success. Olasode told PNEB one attribute he admired about Mrs. Ashiedu is that she gives a very long rope before passing judgment.” A very diplomatic and calm person” Olasode said.

Bethel Molokwu, a younger brother to the celebrant  said Mrs. Ashiedu is a very generous,  open hearted,  open minded,  very supportive and in inspiratonal woman. She has been a pillar of strength and support to her family members, he added.

“I feel good and really grateful to God” was the response of Mrs. Ashiedu describing how she felt. Asked about her journey so far, Ashiedu replied “it’s been wonderful, all things considered”. She said the journey was not a smooth one, there have been times of near giving up, times of near death experiences but here I am today and I am giving thanks to God, I’m grateful to God”.

With a lot of commendation from parents about BlossomHill school, Ashiedu attributed her success to focus and her team.

 “Focus, because if I wanted to give up, there definitely were opportunities to give up, we started from a zero level to get to where we are today. It’s been a journey of consistent effort, and we’ve had a very good team on ground, who have been very cooperative and passionate about the work they do” she added.

 Ashiedu appreciated her children for being her driving force

“I’d like to thank my children because when I look  at them I always remember that they are looking out for a role model, they are looking out for someone to emulate and that keeps me going because I don’t want them to drop by the way. So, they are my motivation, that’s what I call them.

“Also the team in BlossomHill schools, they are great. They encourage me even in my time of near despair; they encourage me so I’m grateful to them.”

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She said her goal henceforth is continuous improvement. Haven’t gone this far and gathered a lot of experience, she added that she will look for people to mentor and inspire with her story.

“There are a lot of suicide cases out there, some people if they go through half of what I went through would have killed themselves but here I am today. So, I will lookout for such people to inspire them with my story.”

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