August 18, 2022

The strength and stability of a school board directly affect the student’s performance, the school board is meant to focus on students’ goals and performance.

Strategies needed in building an effective school board

Embrace the role of trustee

They are to make sound judgments and act in the interest of those they are rendering services to. The board think of themselves as trustees, the board displays better teamwork within the board, more cooperation with the superintendent, and a stronger focus on student achievement

Collaborate and communicate

An effective and collaborative relationship with staff and the community. A strong communication structure is in place to inform and engage key group both internal and external

Learn together

Board goals are not district goals. They are goals for how the board will improve its work and get a focus strategy for improvement

The areas of improvement

  • They should have agendas focused on student outcomes
  • They should do regular reviews of student learning
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Students can learn more in the classroom

Attributes of an effective school board member

  • Focus on serving all children
  • Be responsible for good behavior and productivity
  • Use special expertise for your colleagues
  • Honor other people’s opinions without being intimidated by them
  • Be prepared to participate responsibly

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