August 18, 2022

Building Confidence In Children

How do we educate and build confidence in kids these days? Everywhere you turn there is someone mocking, making fun of or shaming them for their choices.
What is even terrible is that you can’t seem to have an opinion or be yourself without being ridiculed.

This really can tear down someone’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Kids are so impressionable. I believe it’s our job as parents to build confidence in our children.

Are you wondering how do I go about doing this? Being a positive parent in our own lives is important.

First, you need to be engaged with your children every day. This means paying attention to what they are doing have an interest in what they are talking about. When you take the time out and be present when your child is showing you something they do take notice.
As I was saying earlier, children like to mimic the adults they are around. This is why being positive in your own life is important. Children hear and see everything. By being positive with your words you instil trust in your child. The way you give praise is so important. Be their biggest encourager.

Having Confidence is so important to your child’s self-esteem, outlook on life and also they’re well being.
Confident children are better at dealing with being frustrated, bullying, pressure from peers, and also dealing with negative emotions. Not only is teaching your child to be confident it’s also important that they know who they are. Developing a good positive identity also ties in with confidence.
I feel by combining different techniques during different stages of development is the key to build confidence. By giving you all the options you will be prepared to equip your child with the keys to self-confidence.

How Affirmations Develop And Build Confidence

Affirmations are a way to give your child positive reinforcement. By doing this, you are giving positive encouragement. Your child will have more sense of who they are. I believe it helps safeguard their mind when met with challenges.
I might have mentioned earlier that we are the biggest role models our children have, so this is why we need to be positive about ourselves.
You build trust and bond with your child when you are genuine with your words. I have a few affirmations that you can use to help build on their confidence.

You have such a gentle heart

The hugs you give me makes me so happy

You are very brave when you did that

I’m so proud of who you are

You will always be my hero

I will always be there for you

You are beautiful within and on the outside

I love your creativity

You are the most handsome person

I’m so proud to call you my child

You were born to do great things

I am so thankful for you every day

You’re such a quick learner

Live to be better every day

You have the best manners

All your problems have solutions

You encourage me to be a better person

You’re enough

You make a great leader

You are so amazing

I love hearing what’s on your mind

You make me smile

Thanks for working so hard

You are such a great kid

As you can see these all are great examples of what positive affirmations are. There are a ton more, the possibilities are endless.

Turning Positive Reinforcement Into Confidence

Being positive parents we make positive kids. But sometimes that can be easier said than done.
I’ve got a few ideas that have helped my children, even under the most stressed times in my life I’ve been able to be an example to my kids.
I don’t ever remember growing up and seeing so many parents as busy as we are today. It seems impossible to keep up with work. But it’s important to remember to be present for our kids. When I say present it means leaving everything we have going on and laying it down. No phone calls, put the phones down, turn all devices off including TV.

Here are some ways you can make time and connect with your kids. Believe me, they take notice if you are paying attention.

Sit down and have dinner together and engage in conversation

Play a game together

If they play sports, be engaged without a device in your hand

You want to show your children that they are worth spending time with. This makes them feel important and that in return builds confidence.

Making Children Accountable Will Build Confidence

Accountability can be a huge confidence booster. Give children responsibilities, this will mean you trust them with doing a certain task.

Confident With Expressing overlings

Being over critical or ignoring your child’s feelings underminds their emotions. By doing this you are putting across that their emotions don’t matter. It’s healthy for children to know that they can express themselves in a safe environment without feeling judged. Parents need to be in that safety zone and your home needs to be a safe place. Probably the worst thing you can say to your child is” what are you crying about. Instead, say “what’s making you so upset and can I help you with something?” to

We want to be able to shape our child’s life with confidence. This will have an impact on them for their whole life. This will make them a confident adults.
If this feels like a daunting task I suggest just starting with one of the tips I suggested from above.
You just need to start, this will be the biggest gift you could ever give to your child.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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