Bullying is regarded as a repeated aggressive behavior characterised by a power imbalancee and the intent to cause harm.

Bullying in teaching

Teacher bullying means using power to punish, manipulate or disparage students beyond a logical disciplinary scheme.

Students may be bullied by teachers for several reasons. Many times teachers bully because they feel bullied in the classroom by students, they bully in retaliation.

It can also be due to teachers’ burnout, personal or work-related stress, and negative reminder.

The majority of teachers care about their students genuinely, although there are some with mean behavior. Students with learning disabilities may be especially at risk for teacher bullying.

Examples of bullying

  • Belittling or intimidating a student
  • Public criticism of a child’s work
  • Yelling at a student or group of students
  • Humiliating students in front of the classmates

How to stop teacher bullying

Take written note of incidents

Document the incident, the time, date, day, and witnesses represent at the place of incident, report the case to the school administrators, principal, law enforcement agencies. Make sure you have duplicate copies of the written notes

Support your child

Be a listening parent, talk to your child about school, when you notice your child is being bullied by the teacher, connect with a counselor, also check for signs of depression, anxiety issues in your child.

Build your child’s self-esteem

Bullying makes a child have low self-esteem, which helps your child to focus on strength rather than bullying. Help you to see happiness about other things in life. This build self-resilience

Express your concern

Let the teacher know the fears of your child in the classroom. Teachers are always less defensive If you give a listening ear

Take your complaints higher

After complaining, the teacher refuses to rationalize their behavior, you can take your complaint higher by reporting to the principal, you can also request for a classroom transfer

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