August 11, 2022

You are very good at maths, you love analytical thinking than verbal reasoning? Then being a statistician is a very good option, using your analytical abilities in a range of careers. There are many skills you can gain from a statistics degree

Careers in statistics

. Data Analysis & Evaluation
. Research & Data Collection
. Teamwork
. Problem Solving
. Clear presentation of findings
. Self-management including planning & meeting deadlines
. Application of theory to real-life situations

The study of statistics also help to distinguish between observational studies and designed experiments and understand issues related to the data collection method

Use critical thinking skills to translate substantive questions into well-defined statistical problems and choose an appropriate statistical method.

Use of computer software to manage data.
A lot of careers use statistics in calculating, analyzing, and presenting information

Careers in statistics
Market Researcher
Financial Analyst
Cost Estimator
Data Scientist
Database Administrator ugg

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