September 26, 2023

The word didaskaleinophobia is derived from Greek word Didasko meaning teach, photos men’s fear.


This is having a fear of going to school. It said that 2 to 5% of school children suffer from this phobia and it is commonly found in 4-6-year-old groups.

It is at times referred to as separation anxiety.
Children who suffer from this condition may have many anxieties associated with going to school.

Causes of didaskaleinophobia

performance anxiety

Academic performance, a child who had a poor academic performance and was scolded by the teachers or mocked by friends will have a great phobia about the school, he or she might feel frustrated.

Parents at times contribute to didaskaleinophobia by yelling at their children for poor performance not working towards knowing their learning styles.

Impending family trauma

Divorce also contributes to didaskaleinophobia, when both parents are not on good terms, the child begins to develop extreme anxiety or moving a child from one guardian to the other and releasing the child to a totally strange environment


At the sight of other children, you will see a child breathing rapidly because they have bullied the child, adults also are affected by a bully

Riding on the school bus

There are a lot of children who hates to stay in a rowdy environment, they enjoy their privacy more, such children might have a phobia for going to school because their privacy might be invaded by other children or they might have another child who bullies them in the school bus


Many parents when taking their children to school do not keep calm, they show their anxiety making the child also have fear of going to school.

Parents should learn to stay calm in the presence of their children.

Scary dog encountered on the way

A lot of children have a phobia for dogs, if on the road to school a child encounters a dog, the child will develop a phobia for school, waking up in the morning and being told it’s time for school brings the thought and fear of going to school

Moving to a new school and having to make new friends

Children who are used to a particular environment and being introduced to a new environment find it hard to get along, they are used to their friends and now have to make new friends, not knowing the type of friends they will meet, this also can cause didaskaleinophobia

Meeting mean teachers

A teacher who doesn’t give the child an opportunity to express himself/ herself, who doesn’t permit the child to realize himself/herself, who yells at the slightest provocation can also cause didaskaleinophobia

Symptoms of didaskaleinophobia

Lack of focus
Avoidance behavior
Sweating and trembling

Treatment of didaskaleinophobia

  • Parents should talk to their children about school fears, let them know those fears might not be true, it can just be a mere thought
  • Parents should learn to properly address their children when they have poor academic performance, not yelling but making the child realize that he/she can do better
  • Teachers should learn not to yell at the slightest provocation, they should be hospitable towards their students

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