August 11, 2022

Not all difficulties in math class even serious ones are caused by dyscalculia, it is possible for kids with dyscalculia to have other learning disabilities.

Dyscalculia is a math learning disability, it is sometimes called number dyslexia or math dyslexia.

Symptoms of dyscalculia

Difficulty counting numbers

Kids with dyscalculia may lose track when counting. They may count on their fingers long after kids of the same age have stopped doing it. A child with dyscalculiamay have a lot of anxiety about numbers. It is a brain-related difficult to do the following
Estimate things, like his long something takes or the ceiling height
Understand math word problem
Learn basic math like addition, subtraction and multiplication
Understand fractions
Understand graphs and charts( visual- spatial concepts)
Count money or make change
Tell time or read clocks
Quantitative reasoning
Mental computation
Need visual aids- like fingers to help count
Struggle to remember directions
Have a hard time telling from left to right
Hard time classifying objects

How dyscalculia can be diagnosed

The most effective treatment for dyscalculia is an early diagnosis. The earlier it is discovered, the earlier the child with this disorder can learn the necessary tools to help them adapt to a new learning process.

How can dyscalculia be treated

Visit a doctor for therapy.

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