August 18, 2022

Early literacy in toddlers

Early Literacy is the development of language from an early age.

Literacy is language spoken and spoken language understanding. Literacy is the ability to read and write.

Literacy is listening to sounds, intonations, phrases, and sentences. It is the development of oral language to communicate with others.

Importance of Early Literacy

Literacy is the foundation of all other learning. It is well understood that children learn from a very young age.

Early language and literacy begin in the first three years of a child’s life, well before they begin formal schooling.

Early literacy begins in the home and is significant in helping children to be able to communicate with their family, their peers, and the wider community.

Children who are not given the tools and opportunities to do this may become frustrated and ‘act out’ due to their inability to communicate their needs and wants.

Literacy activities for toddlers

Reading to your child

Reading to your child from birth is an incredible experience. It fosters closeness, provides the child with nurturing, and begins the journey of literacy

Listening to Stories

These can be played in the car or when your child is falling asleep. This is a great way for your child to be exposed to a variety of vocabulary daily.


Talking to your child about what is happening, what the plan is for the day, what the excavator is doing to on the building site you are walking past – just talk. Explaining things to your child opens their vocabulary and their imaginations to the wider world around them.

Singing Songs

Singing is found to be fundamental in learning for young children. Sing songs you know, play music and makeup songs too. You will soon find your child doing the same. Songs are also a fantastic and easy way to learn rhythm and rhyme.

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