November 28, 2023



As an agent of social change in our world today, education has feasted on some loopholes, making them invisible and bringing enlightenment to further knowledge to the best of our ability.

A close insight into the world of education will expose the role it has and still plays in social change. Education has defined social change as a phrase used to depict the changes that occur in human interactions and interpersonal relationships.
The way humans relate and communicate shows the kind of aura that flows in their geographical area and the part education has played so far.

Education is the benchmark for knowledge acquisition and implementation of creative ideas.
It has the power to push hidden ideas into the limelight and to also identify weaknesses in every individual’s unique style of learning.

The development and immense progress education has brought to our world today are immeasurable; we could say education is more or less the root of technology.

Education could be formal or informal, either which way it has contributed greatly to civilization and our modern world generally.
Education has cornered the idea of ignorance and shallow mindedness of the human mind, it has also shifted the attention of humans from the idea of being enclosed or trapped in a dark archaic state of mind.
Education brings social change both to the individual and the community at large. Teachers are the agents of change, education is the stimulus and the students are the recipients and preservers of change.


As an agent of social change in our world today, education has feasted on some loopholes, making them invisible and bringing enlightenment to further knowledge to the best of our ability.
One of the various ways education has proven to be an agent of social change is how it has successfully preserved cultural heritage, beliefs, traditions, and values. It functions as a sieve, separating the negative cultural values and helps transmit beliefs and practices that are beneficial to humankind. On our side of the world, culture is one thing we do not joke with especially our elderly people; education has created a balance for culture and values which has helped the younger generation to have a good rapport with the older generation.

Education has promoted the development of the political terrain of a nation. Taking our country Nigeria as a perfect example, in the olden days, we were ruled primarily by absolute power from royal families and dictatorship. To date, we still have kings but education has subdivided them (first-class kings, second-class kings, third-class kings).
In terms of leadership, education brings out the best in leaders. Educated leaders are more articulate in their strategy to decision-making and problem-solving. They are also open to new ideas and suggestions, which are requirements for progress in society.
It has created an awareness of the civic duties and rights of we the citizens leaving us to live suitably in a civilized manner.

Education has employed peace and unity as an agent of social change both nationally and internationally. At the national level, we can see students from different races, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds sharing the same curriculum, classrooms, and other school facilities. They help each other in assignments and are even flocked in educational groups to build the spirit of teamwork in them. We have inter ethnicity marriages and relationships amongst people because of the balance education has created.

In Nigeria, Education has played an important role in improving economic development; it has instilled the ability for people to think. People are now innovative and have deployed several ways to improve livelihood. It won’t be a false fact that without education, there would be no doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, and so forth; in fact, there would be no civilization.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Nowadays companies have utilized working remotely which has reduced stress and extra transportation costs. Social media platforms have also created job opportunities for people making education a standard and huge progress in our world today. No doubt, education has indeed proven to be an agent promoting social change.

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