August 17, 2022

Electricity, another form of fuel

Electric Energy

When electricity passes through a wire, the wire will become hot. Some people use electric cookers for cooking their food. The electrical energy passes through the wires in the heating rings or the elements in the oven. The rings of elements become hot and this heat energy is used in cooking our food.

Also, ironing clothes requires energy. How do you iron your clothes? Some people use an electric iron.

Electrical energy passes through the wires in the elements of the electric iron and the elements become hot. This heat energy passes to the base of the iron which in turn becomes hot and is used for pressing our clothes.

Many people boil water by using an electric kettle. The electric energy passes through the elements of the kettle and the element heats the water until it boils.

Electrical energy is also used to keep things cool. The electric fridge, the cf and the air conditioner are examples of this.

Machines help to make our lives easier. However, all machines require energy. Most machines that are used around the home use either electrical energy or the energy obtained from some forms of oil.

Electricity or oil are used to turn the motors that operate the machines. Grinding machines, mixing machines and vacuum cleaners are examples of some domestic machines. Many people use electric washing machines to wash their clothes.

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