August 11, 2022


The Flamboyant is a flowering plant with rich and beautiful display of orange-red flowers. It has common names like royal poinciana, flamboyant, flame of the forest, flame tree, or royal peacock. It is known in Yoruba as “sekeseke”. Delonix regia is it’s scientific name. It is native to Madagascar. Unfortunately, the flame tree is now going into extinction.

The Flamboyant

Economical Importance

  • The flamboyant is grown as an ornamental tree.
  • It is used as a shade tree.
  • They help maintain soil moisture.
  • They are useful for soil rehabilitation.
  • They are also used to control erosion.
  • The flamboyant leaves and flowers have been reported to have herbicide effects.
  • The wood is made into charcoal.
  • The seed can be used as beads.
  • The essential oil obtained from the leaves have fungicide properties.
  • Their woods are durable when used for construction work.
  • The oil obtained from the seed is used in the tanning industry.
  • The oil possesses insecticidal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The oil cake obtained from the processing of the seed can serve as fertilizer.

NB: The root system of the flamboyant is sophisticated and wide and as a result, can damage concrete structures when it is planted too close.


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