A woman’s education ends in the kitchen

There’s no doubt that this is a very popular saying in our part of the world and people who lived in times past believed women to be weaker vessels initiating the idea of women-only attending to the homely needs of the family.

The girl child has faced a lot of opposition and setbacks as to the opinion of them being in total submission.

The girl child education has suffered a great deal, a lot of female children have been rendered useless and homeless as gender inequality contributed a whole lot to this issue.

Nonetheless, an estimated 129 million girls worldwide remain out of school and face numerous impediments to education.

These include distance to school, cultural norms and exercises, school-related gender-based violence, and early or forced marriage. Boys and girls face obstacles to receiving a good education in conflict-affected areas where safety and security can be compromised, and in households that depend on their labor or income.

Conserving girls in school and ensuring they can learn in a safe and validating atmosphere steers to many advantages for girls themselves, their families, their communities, and societies.

Speaking of gender inequality, the male child has always been considered to be the breadwinner and stronghold of the family making it very compulsory for them to be educated but the reverse is the case as most times things do not turn out to become what has been proposed initially.

The girl child wasn’t born for homely activities alone, they are also made for greatness and dogged investment into their education yields fruitful results and immense success.

There shouldn’t be segregation or special treatment to a particular gender especially from households where upbringing starts from. Children should be treated, trained, and loved equally.

Any gender-based or biased treatment amongst children could spike;

  • Hatred
  • Low self-esteem
  • Little or no confidence
  • Mood swings constantly
  • Inferiority complex
  • Personality disorder and a whole lot of painful feeling

Everyone is advised to treat the girl child rightly, unjust attitudes or maltreatments should be frowned out. The girl child should have free access to education and choose a profession that best suits her passion.

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