August 11, 2022

How Computer came into existence

Old Computer

The development of the first counting device has been dated to a man called Abacus, about 3000 years ago. From this time, man has continued to improve on ways of accounting for his resources through counting since our daily activities involve counting one thing or the other. This might be counting of days, time, people living in an area, and other things we see everyday.

One of the ancient methods of counting was the use of fingers of the hand. Counting was done up to twenty with the fingers and toes put together.

In another combination, it is possible to use ten fingers to do simple arithmetic, which involves addition and subtraction.

Stones and pebbles were also used in counting. In fact some sold their farm produce by putting five stones near an item in the market to show that the commodity is worth five units of money.

Sticks and grains were also used, in the olden days, to certain extent in counting. It later got to a period in which when it was discovered that fingers, stones, sticks and grains could not give accurate results of the counting and calculations which involve large numbers.

Many mistakes were often recorded as a result of which people became increasingly displeased.

As the need to do more counting which normally took much of their energy and time increases, some other means were devised which made counting increasingly faster and easier. This was achieved by the invention of series of machines, where various attempts were made many years ago in order to facilitate counting and calculating, and this led to the invention of the modern day computer.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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