August 18, 2022



Habits: Parents .The habits we form as parents have a huge effect on the lives of our kids and how they interact with the society at large.

Tracy a mom of two has the habit of waking up late. She doesn’t know how to stop it, it has affected her job and her kids seriously because she cannot prepare them for school the way she wants to and they are always late for school in fact they gave them a name .Now Tracy does not know what to do.

Parents are also faced with several habits that affect the lives of their children these habits can either be positive or negative. Like in Tracy’s case, her kids are affected both physically and emotionally. Physically in the sense that they are not prepared properly before leaving for school, with no healthy diet and due to the names they are called in school, they will suffer low self esteem and will not be able to associate well with their mates.

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The same way the negative habits have such effects on the kids, that is how the positive habits also affect the kids. A parent that has the habit of raising early, having an exercise routine and eating healthy will transfer the same habit to the child in a way that, the child will learn to raise early and eat healty.

These good habits will give the child a boost of confidence and make the society better.

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