How Human learned to produce their Food

Can you ever imagine humans without food? It is a “no” right? That is it. Life requires a sufficient supply of energy for its existence. Energy for life activities comes from food.

Food for all living organisms is produced by the green plants. Animals feed either on green plants or on other animals. Human beings depend on both plants and animals for their food supply. But have you ever thought about how food came into existence? No right? Continue reading.

Thousands of years ago, prehistoric humans gathered food and make their clothing from wild plants and animals. They wandered from one place to another. They did not settle down in any place. Gradually, humans began to tame goats, sheep, and other animals. These animals provided a steady supply of milk and meat for food and skins for clothing.

Men no longer had to spend so much time searching for animals and going hunting. Humans soon discovered that the seeds and remains of fruits and other plant parts they discarded fell on the soil around their dwelling places, producing fruit trees that gave them fruits and other edible plants.

Humans also learned to plant and cultivate certain plants such as wheat and rice. They saw that plants grew better when the ground had been broken up. At first, they used natural digging sticks to break the ground. Next, they used wooden ploughs. Later, men trained oxen, horses, and other animals to pull ploughs.

In today’s world and due to the advancement in technology, modern farm equipment and scientific farming have helped modern man in his food production.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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