November 28, 2023

Health is wealth and good health equals long life, children are liable to get themselves injured at any slightest opportunity simply because they are yet to differentiate firmly right from wrong.

In schools, there are so many ways in which a child can either get injured or fall ill, they come in contact with deadly substances and germs very harmful to their health as their immune system isn’t as strong as adults yet.

It is the responsibility of the school management to procure adequate and efficient health care services to control crises before it gets out of hand.

Most students have fallen victim to circumstances as they had little or no access to adequate medical attention during health crises.
There are critical health situations that schools might not handle whenever it arises but it doesn’t give room for negligence, at all times, teachers and staff must be at alert in case anything arises as the good health condition of the students in their case is of utmost priority.

Schools have a legal responsibility to procure first aid for on-site people and students. Bumps, bruises, cuts, and grazes are an everyday reality in educational environments due to the active nature of young children and the recreational activities they participate in. You must have the first aid supplies at hand to deal with these injuries.

There should be a separate room fully equipped with medical kits to attend to both staff and students’ health issues as soon as possible before it escalates. Maintenance is key, the medical room must always be kept tidy, every piece of equipment used must be cleaned up properly and restored to its normal position. Specks of Dirt should be disposed constantly and entrance into the room must be secured at all times.


  • A leaflet with information on how to respond to an accident or emergency
  • Adhesive dressings
  • Wound dressing
  • Bandages
  • Methylated spirit
  • Cotton wool
  • Pain Relief medications
  • Scissors
  • Gauz
  • Hydrogen
  • Inhaler
  • Sanitary pads
  • Glucose
  • Blade etc.

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