August 15, 2022

To every sane, professional and logical teacher, student engagement is their number one goal in the classroom. None of the academic goals can be achieved without student engagement. It is essential! My biggest advice to you is to decrease teacher talk and the time students spend in their desks.
I want to share some more specific ways that might keep your students engaged in this piece.

I LOVE this quote by Eric Jensen: “If you don’t have time to play music when you teach then you talk too much.” TRUTH! There is so much research out there about how music lowers anxiety and nerves and releases endorphins that make you happy.

Music wakes you up and makes your body move! Use music to increase student engagement. Get them ready to learn by playing fun music as they walk in the room and unpack.

Play soothing music while they write. After a test, play some upbeat music to reenergize them. Play fun music while they are packing up  and cleaning the classroom.

Use music as a reward. If my kids get compliments in the hall, they get a song and free dance during snack break. So easy and so fun.

The simple truth is that when you are happy, you are more engaged. Music makes us happy!

A teacher’s friend will tell me, Adeyinka, I bought this old iPod from a gadget store. It was very inexpensive. Perhaps, you can load the music on to your phone? I bought a #10,000 speaker from computer village. It works perfectly!

When students have some control over their learning, they become much more engaged in the classroom activities. Find ways to allow for student choice each day!
Some ideas include:

  1. Picking their own seat
  2. Choosing their own partner or group to work with
  3. Picking a game from a basket of games that all pertain to the skill they need to practice
  4. Choosing their own book for read to self time
  5. Deciding on the order they will complete their centers.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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