Even as an adult no one likes yelling as a means of reprimanding. Kids have a sensitive nervous system and yelling is scary for them. It’s aggressive and intimidating.

Yelling at kids

As an adult, when you were a kid, how do you feel when you are yelled at?

Yelling scares children, it confuses them
To err is human, no one is above mistake, making discipline mistake is a part of being a parent. Many parents think the best way to fix children’s blunders is by yelling.

Some children have become used to it, they don’t heed warnings until they are being yelled at.

Here are tips for reprimanding a child

Discuss the issue with your kids respectfully ( your child also deserve respect) do it firmly
Find an approach that works best with your child (each child has his/her learning style)
Don’t belittle your child
Don’t discipline when you are angry
Don’t break rules you hold your kids to
Don’t let yelling be your means of spanking
Know what triggers your anger
Give kids a warning
Be proactive
Adjust your expectations ( Yes, it’s good to have high expectations but not mistakes happen)

Bad parenting signs that lead to yelling

Comparing your child
Every child has his/her unique potential, comparing children can lead to you yelling at them. Stop the habit of comparison.
Lack of support
Support your child, to bring out the best in your child, when a child lacks support, the child feels rejected & depressed
Not respecting his/her feelings
Everyone deserves respect, the way parents want their feelings to be respected likewise the children want their feelings to be respected.
Lack of support
Not giving him/her a choice
Being a poor example
No encouragement
No setting rules
Withholding affection

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