August 15, 2022

Self-care for educators

Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give your students. Self-care is an important component of a teacher’s mental health, but there are misconceptions about what it is.

It’s common for educators to dismiss the self-care movement as “selfish” or “superficial.” But for teachers, self-care is so much more than breakfast in bed or treating yourself to a spa day.

It’s about taking care of your health so that you’re prepared to be the best teacher you can be for yourself and your students.

Self-care includes the things you do that the needs of your mind, body, and soul. Hydration, exercise, alone time, self-improvement activities, time with friends, etc.

Now, a self-comfort activity could also include a piece of self-care. That time you take away from your busy household and demanding inbox to get a manicure may be exactly the mental break you need from the noise. But, the manicure itself is not what just replenished your spirit. It was the time you had to yourself with your thoughts.

Set sleep goals. I did some quick research for y’all (and for myself) because none of us are getting enough sleep. Here’s a shortlist of benefits of a good night’s sleep:

A strong immune system
Easier to maintain a healthy weight
Lowers risk of serious health complications
Reduces stress
Better mood, and clearer mind
Maintain your “other” life.
Be a stakeholder when changes are made.
Find lessons and opportunities in everything.
Nurture peer connections.
Keep it light.

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