There are numerous stories, ones we’ve heard and ones we have no idea of, which have proved to us that our children are no longer safe in this world we are living in.

Molestation is not a strange phenomenon in our society today; in some cases, words such as “assault, abuse, violence, and harassment” are used in place of molestation.
We’ve had series of molest cases and they vary, we could have molest experiences in;

a. Work sector
b. Marital level
c. Environmental/Societal level

d. Religion
e. Family basis
f. Educational sector
g. Children/adolescents level etc.


Taking a closer insight into the children/adolescent kind of molestation, our children are meant to be protected, guided, and properly monitored to avoid circumstances such as this.

It just seems as those whom we entrust their safety with are the real perpetrators of this vicious act.

There are numerous stories, ones we’ve heard and ones we have no idea of, which have proved to us that our children are no longer safe in this world we are living in.

We are not proud to say that most times this act of molestation can be found within the family and most times passing blames becomes very difficult.
If our wards are no longer safe with their guardians, relatives, siblings; what then should we say of total strangers, and what exactly are we not fishing out as the primary source of this evil deed?

Molestation according to Oxford Dictionary could be:
a. Sexual assault or abuse of a person, especially a woman or a child
b. The action of pestering or harassing someone in an aggressive manner

The Merriam-Webster dictionary regards it as an act to make unwanted or improper sexual advances towards someone.
There are series of questions pondering in the hearts of many as to why this action is rampant in our society;

1. Is it gender-based?
2. Are there factors that enhance molestation?
3. What steps are government-owned and private-owned organizations (NGOS’) taking to curb incessant activities of molestation?
4. What is the penalty for defaulters?
5. How do victims deal with stigmatization?
6. Why do most victims of this circumstance rather remain silent?
7. Whom should we fault for this immoral behavior?

Unfortunately, we do not have answers to these questions.
In most cases, we have worse situations such as human trafficking and live to stream of sexual abuse.

A lot of children have been trafficked into sex slavery and have undergone mild maltreatment; some have even gone to the length of exposing these young children to pornography.
Gradually we are beginning to adopt this evil act into our daily lifestyle, even cases that get to court, later on, get dismissed, is this something that gladdens the hearts of victims?

Let’s not forget that some persons are falsely accused in some cases, how then do they redeem their names and regain their dignity in places where their image has been tarnished?

We should be very careful when we deal with sensitive cases such as this.
Research has gathered some factors that make victims mute about molestation cases especially children/adolescents; some would rather die than tell what has transpired

• In some cases; guardians, siblings, and close family relatives are the perpetrators of this act. For some families to have their names bastardized and images tarnished, they would rather keep mute and die down the case.

• People are prone to shift blames to the victims in some cases, so they would rather keep quiet to avoid all sorts of insults and embarrassment.

• Stigmatization in society especially in places where they are well known.

• Most parents do not pay attention to the mannerism of their children; they either neglect or are too busy to be part of their lives and children will always crave the attention of their parents no matter how little.

• Some organizations use cases such as this to publicize their agendas and memorandum, some will even go as far as to solicit funds for their interests.

• When cases like this get to court, it is easily dismissed mostly due to lack of concrete evidence or bribery and corruption which is more or less like justice is perverted.

• Lack of medical amenity aftermath
If we go on and on, we might not be able to cover all so we advise that parents take make use of some of these safety precautions:

Childhood trauma does not come in one single package.

Asa Don Brown
  1. Please pay rapt attention to your children’s mood. Create time out of your busy schedule to be with them, you never can tell what’s going on in their minds.
  2. Mind the kind of visitors you entertain and how they relate with your children.
  3. Teach your children sex education and instruct them to inform you if anyone tries to play with their private parts.
  4. Be open-minded, attend seminars and be mindful of the kind of language you use around your children.
  5. Teach your children the right morals and how to disengage from corrupt communications.
  6. Monitor their movements and know their friends
  7. Do not entrust their safety to anyone as no one is to be trusted.

    Government should also introduce safety precautions as to how victims can defend themselves whenever they find themselves in any kind of discomforting and endangering situations.

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