August 18, 2022

Strategies In Making Parent-Teacher Relationship Work

Having an objective is one thing but having a well-defined strategy and tactics in reaching such an objective is another thing. That is it.

These are the strategies that can help you build a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. They are based on experts recommendation.

  1. Approach this relationship with respect
    Treat the teacher-parent-child relationship the way you would with any crucial one in your life. Create a problem-solving partnership, instead of confronting a teacher immediately with what’s wrong. Meet with a teacher to ask, discuss and collaborate ways to help your child, instead of delivering a lecture.
  2. Let your child develop his relationship with the teacher
    This is one of the first relationships with an adult your child may have outside the family unit. If you take a back seat and let the relationship develop without much interference, a special bond may develop. For young kids, the teacher-child relationship is a love connection. It may be their first love relationship after their parents, and it can be pretty powerful and wonderful.
  3. Try not to show off
    Of course, you think your child is brilliant, but bragging over her many accomplishments may send a wrong message to the teacher that you think he may not be good enough to teach your child. You don’t need to sell your child to the teacher. You have to trust that your child’s teacher will come to know what’s significant herself. Telling a teacher that your child loves to read will delight the teacher. But challenging the teacher with statements like ‘My child reads 100 books over the summer or ‘Adeola is a whiz at math,’ may backfire.”
  4. Remember how you liked (or disliked) your teachers
    Your experience at school is likely to affect your attitude toward your child’s teacher. It’s important to leave your baggage at the door, so you can talk about your child with the teacher (and not about you!)

Hope this piece help you reconsider your relationship with your child’s teacher? If yes, please share across boards.

Adeyinka Meduoye

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