August 18, 2022

Teaching children about good and bad touch

Start talking to your child about good touch bad touch as early as possible so that they are equipped to understand this sensitive issue.

Tell them that the body parts we usually keep covered are our private parts and no one has permission to touch you there. Give them your example that even parents touch you there only if they are bathing or cleaning you, not otherwise.

Make Them Understand the Difference Between Good and Bad Touch

Good Touch – It feels, pleasant and good, it is a way to show care, love, and help. Explain with the help of examples like when mommy hugs you or papa gives you a goodnight kiss or your grandparents hold you in their arms and you hold your friend’s hands while playing.

Bad Touch – Touches that make you uncomfortable and you feel unpleasant and you want to stop it there and then. Again, use some examples to explain to them like, it is a bad touch if you feel hurt if you do not want to be touched, if someone touches your private parts without a reason, if someone touches you and tells you not to tell anyone, all these are examples of a bad touch.

Become Your Child’s Best Friend – Spend quality time with your children. Listen to them when they are sharing about what they did during the day. Assure them that they can share anything with you.

Encourage open communication
Creating a safe and open environment is another aspect of helping a child discuss his or her body. Often, sexual predators will bribe children or discourage them from sharing information. It is important to let your child know that he or she does not need to keep secrets from you.

Discuss more than stranger danger
We often teach our children about strangers and the danger of getting in a vehicle or talking with someone they do not know, however, 90% of sexual abuse cases are committed by someone the child knows.

Be mindful of instances that your child may be one on one with another adult, such as a team coach or troop leader. Try to avoid situations where your child may be alone with an adult in a private setting.

Start conversations at an early age
Talk with children about their bodies during everyday activities, such as bath time or going to the pool. This will help create an environment where a child feels comfortable talking about their body with their parent.

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