There are several teaching techniques that are used by Teachers to make students understand any topic they have been taught; and these are practicable methods that have been effective over the years to help the growth and mental development of any student.

A teacher must first be conversant about things in society that the student can easily relate to, to allow easy understanding of the topic of the teachings to the student.

The explanations of the topic to the student should be simple; meaning the core teachings in the topic should be emphasized more for a better understanding of the needed point, however, once the teaching becomes simpler, the key points in the message will be lost

Getting to know the minds of the student is however vital because most times many students are always absent-minded and deep in thought while a teacher is teaching them. The responsibility of any Teacher is not to be harsh on those Students, instead, they should enable the Student to have an open mind which helps the student to have some level of trust and confidence in the opinion of the Teacher when they tell the teacher the issue they are having for lack of concentration in their studies.

Analogies and Images that will create a type of picture in the memory of the student can also be applied because it has been proven by Psychologist that using analogies and metaphors makes it easier to pass across the main point of the topic to the student, an example is 2+2 = 4; using an analogy of two cars parked in a garage, and two other cars parked in another garage, make it four cars that were parked all together.

Finally, using stories to drive home a point on a particular topic are also helpful, these stories can come from the Teacher’s experience, movies, newspapers, and other media outlets, life stories bring history alive, and using such for a student make the student get the message in the topic clearer and better; repetition of the main point in each teaching and allowing questions from students while providing them compelling answers to pass the key teachings of any topic across to the student; thereby creating an analogy between the topic of discussion about the physical things in the environment for a clearer understanding of the core teaching.

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