August 18, 2022

Integration of technology in education means the use of technology to enhance the learning experience.

The use of technology during class sessions can promote student engagement for auditory and visual learners.

Technologies like PowerPoint, games, internet assignments can be integrated to make students grow in learning.

Today’s primary and secondary students are extremely tech-savvy, one of the major reasons why technology integration has been the main focus for educators.

Students in the classroom, nowadays use technology to communicate with each other and also learn about the world around them.

Technology can be integrated through the following means

Online research

Conducting research online for various projects is a great way of technology integration. There are a lot of popular and effective online research projects for any subject and grade level.


This can be used for digital presentations, it can be used to help students create multimedia presentations and share their work with the class.

Students can also use their laptops, a tablets when at home. These tools help teamwork. Online resources for interactive teaching tools are plentiful


Some games are very educative, this can also be integrated to help students learn more. Games like scrabble, monopoly can be seen online

Internet assignment

This helps students to explore the internet more in search of answers to assignments. It helps them to develop using technology

Benefits of Technology Integration

  • Technology makes teaching easy
  • Technology helps you track your students’ progress
  • Educational Technology is good for the environment
  • Students enjoy learning through technology
  • Distance Learning is achievable and accessible through technology
  • Information is accessible for both students and educators

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