Most schools nowadays are moving from white chalk and blackboard based type of education to technology; technology in the classroom is a tool that is digitally built to help students in learning and teachers are keying Into it to engage students and make them understand what is being taught to the students better; to make the classroom interaction interesting and enlightening for both students and teachers, technology should be used.
Technology in the classroom consists of the digital tools a Teacher uses to teach the student which is in line with the 21st-century innovations of learning tools because it is also a means of communication between parents and teachers. Communication has been made easy nowadays because of the applications that are available on devices such as phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. And these are the tools Teachers should make use of for effective interaction with students and even to a large extent, the families of those students.
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, students were restricted to virtual learning, where the students use their Personal Computers to have class meetings with their teachers, and fellow students through applications like Zoom and Google Meet and also to study relevant subjects online.
Teachers may choose to use technology to make the students get a clearer understanding of what they are being taught, and this can be through pictures, video documentaries, and so on, technology serves as a teaching aid for teachers.
Technology in schools is encouraged by teachers, and students are also advised to use it at home for assignments and research purposes. These are some of the technological tools that teachers can use in their classrooms.
Internet; The internet is used to find useful information to plan a teacher’s lesson, and this information can include documentaries, and research that are relevant, useful websites that students can visit for personal study for more information. The internet is very fast, effective, and efficient for teachers.
The use of Projector; documents are displayed on a big screen or board for students that cannot see well, the teacher connects the computer to a projector which gives a larger image of the documents to be seen or used on the screen.
Videos; Pre-recorded videos can be played, depending on the topic being discussed by the Teacher, such videos can serve as documentaries that cut across a wide range of topics; teachers play them in the class for the students to learn.

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