August 11, 2022

Teach your preschoolers not only how to count from one to 10, but how to write the numbers as well. Preschoolers will have an easier time learning to form number shapes if they can first trace them.

Act by using your finger

Indicate how to write numbers to children in the air, which helps accustom them to the shape of each number. Point your finger into the air and show children how to move straight down for a number one, and so on, at least to number 10.

Say the number you’re writing in the air as you go, and encourage children to do the same as they make their air numbers. Once children have the sag of it, call out a number and ask the children to write it in the air, saying it as they go.


Makeup rhymes to help children remember how to form the letters.” Teach these rhymes to the children and encourage them to recite them as they work on practicing writing their numbers. Short phrases recited as children write numbers work similarly.

Writing on other things aside paper

Of course, writing with pencil and paper is a fundamental skill, but writing numbers in other channels can help children learn to write them correctly.

For example, pour sugar, salt, sand, or glitter into a flat aluminum pie plate and ask children to form the numbers using their fingers or a paintbrush. This helps keep children interested in the writing process.

Point Out Numbers on Ad Boards and Vehicles

When you go out with your child, you can point out numbers on ad boards or vehicles and thus help her recognize the numbers by sight. This will be helpful later on when your child begins writing numbers.

Make use of cards and flashcards

Make flashcards with numbers zero to nine and use these to play various number games with your child. For example, you could place the numbers in random order and help your child arrange them in the correct sequence.

Children are quick learners, and they can grasp concepts with ease. Introducing numbers to kindergartners in a fun way will help them understand numbers easily.

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