Top Tips for Teaching Your Children About Good Touch Bad Touch

Of course, this is a tough subject to talk about. But we have to.  But we have to get past that misery and put aside our disparities as mothers, parents, educators, and neighbourhood members and talk more about this dreadful topic. Smiles!

Some of us have subjective experience – very personal experience – with childhood sexual abuse which makes it much tougher to talk about but makes it even more significant to be open to sharing and learning from one another, too.

This piece I believe will bring mamas together to learn from one another. Some have to teach their kids about this difficult subject of appropriate and inappropriate touching, too. And some of them might just have more experience teaching their kids the intersection between good touch and bad touch.

Alright, Parents, how do you teach your kids about good touch bad touch?

  1. Give Them Ownership of Their Body
  2. Use Appropriate Language
  3. Keep Conversation Light and Easy
  4. Use the Swim Suit Rule
  5. Explain What Safe Touch Is
  6. Empower Them to Say NO
  7. Use Books About Good Touch Bad Touch 
  8. Don’t Force Affection
  9. Help Your Child Trust Her Feelings
  10. Practice or Role Play

I truly hope these impressions and opinions – help to make this a more satisfying conversation for you and your children which ultimately leads to fewer children being sexually abused.  

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Adeyinka Meduoye

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