August 11, 2022

An achiever according to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary is a person who achieves a high level of success especially in their careers. No one likes to be referred to as a loser or failure. No one wants to be an associate of loser/failure. Here are traits to show you are an achiever

An achiever

. Visionary
. Optimistic
. Flexibility
. Go-getter
. Disciplined
. They most times over-deliver


A visionary achiever oftentimes sees what others can’t see. They see through their minds, imaginations, and thoughts.

They find opportunity in situations, both good and bad. A vision brings his vision into reality. A visionary knows that vision without action is meaningless. Get devoted to your vision daily.


An optimistic achiever focus on the good, he surrounds himself with positivity, he doesn’t give room to negative thought, he focuses more on progress and solution but doesn’t give in to problems.

A pessimistic fellow is restricted in achievements but an optimistic fellow achieves without restriction


An achiever is not a rigid fellow, he must be capable to change to adjust to different circumstances.

An achiever must be able to yield to influence. He must be able to bend but not break in the face of challenges


A Go-getter achiever requires sacrifice. A go-getter is always persistent and consistent in whatever they are doing.

A go-getter is passionate, resourceful, perceptive, and goal-driven. They are extremely open-minded and very inquisitive.


A disciplined achiever must set boundaries, they clearly define goals. They are always true to themselves. They meet deadlines, they prioritize.

They are accountable, they have self-efficacy. They pay detailed attention to work.

They most times over-deliver

They overdeliver when at service, they under-promise. They don’t give excuses. They are goal-driven.

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