Walk for Education (22nd February, 2022)
The aim of this walk is to sound aloud to the general public what values education can bring to the society. The walk is to remind the masses that education still stands out as the most influential tool for providing and enhancing positive change. In the state of morale decadence and total disrepair, education is the last resort. The walk is to appeal to the society to protect and sustain these values and work together for the common good of education. Students in schools are advised to walk on their schools’ lawn, assemblies, fields or school’s streets while RAISING THEIR HANDS for education. They can hold placards or small boards with various inscriptions or writings such as walk for education raise your hand for education, without education the nation is in shambles, without education there will be no lawyer, without education there will be no doctor, without education there will be no engineer, PNEFA 4.0, name of your school e.t.c. Pictures, audio and video clips should be sent to Prestige Nigeria Education Festival and Award (PNEFA) as well as posted on personal or school social media pages using the tags earlier mentioned on placards and small boards.

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