August 11, 2022

Ways to control noise in your classroom

It should be very clear that the students know that when they enter the classroom it is time to act in a quiet and collected posture, which may be tough especially if the lesson follows a break or lunchtime.

Define your intentions and how you want the class to behave throughout the lesson. Letting them know the lesson plan at the onset, and when there will be a time to work together and talk with classmates may encourage them to be quiet and focus when needed.

Setting the tone for the class will give the students the structure they need to focus and learn, set aside a few minutes to remind the class how they should enter the classroom. If they enter a calm and quiet classroom, it will set the tone and encourage them to keep to that noise level throughout the lesson.

Get to know your students personally
Getting to know your students on a more personal level can support good listening. Research has shown that students are much more likely to listen to a teacher who has taken time to get to know them than one that hasn’t.

Get to know your students’ templates!

Try a countdown
How you react can also have a big impact. Establish a rule at the beginning of the year that if the class gets too noisy or off-task, you’ll start a countdown at the front of the room. Students should know early on that if the clock counts down to zero, there will be a consequence, such as an extra homework assignment.
Teach your class a signal that means they should quiet down. When you make it, they should make it back at you. That way, they will help you quiet their classmates down without shushing.

Clap your hands. This is one of the classic ways to get the attention of your students. Go to the front of the room, or walk around the room, and clap your hands slowly. You can start up a pattern that you ask them to repeat, such as clapping twice to respond to your single claps. This method works best with younger students but can be effective with high schools as a surprise tactic

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