August 11, 2022

Ways to Teach Your Children Work Ethic While They Are Young

Equipping kids with a good work ethic early on will take them from ordinary to extraordinary, especially when they start looking for their first job. Beginning this process when they are young is the best way to instill this trait strongly within them – we want working hard and well to be like second nature for our kids.

  1. Give age-appropriate chores. This is a great way to help kids start learning about responsibility, getting tasks done in a timely manner, and working hard. Remember to be patient in the beginning – initially, it can take more time to teach our kids to do the work, rather than just doing it ourselves! By making sure the chores are age appropriate, we can encourage independence and keep our ultimate goal in mind (rather than taking over!)
  2. Have extra jobs that they can do for pay. 
    In most homes, chores are unpaid. They are done because our kids are an active part of the house and family. However, having extra jobs available to earn extra bucks starts to teach kids the value of money. We always say that chores get done first and then they can go to the work board and choose extra jobs for pay.
  3. Model hard work for them. 
    Leading by example is one of the strongest ways we can teach our kids. Actions speak louder than our words. If we expect our kids to make their bed’s first thing in the morning, let’s make sure ours is made too! Not doing this can create a confusing double standard and lead to resentment and bad attitudes.
  4. Talk about what they want to be when they grow up. 
    This can change a million and one times but it brings up good discussion on different types of work. You can watch some videos together and let them see what different kinds of jobs look like and why those individuals choose those jobs. Take time to discuss how this relates to them and their dreams.

5. Boost their confidence. 
Notice and say something when they do work that is above and beyond. Be specific on the compliments. Occasionally, you may want to reward your kids with something special, like an ice cream treat or cupcake, to let them know you are noticing and appreciate it. Younger kids especially do well with rewards and meaningful praise.

  1. Work on character traits. 
    Good character is the core to a good work ethic. Traits that tie in closely with their work ethic include:

Determination — when the going gets, hard we don’t give up.

Self-motivation — wanting to do work well because it reflects on me.


  1. Remember to notice and celebrate today’s workforce with your kids. This helps them to see good examples and create positive role models for themselves.

Hope you find this helpful!

Adeyinka Meduoye

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